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“Comprehensive Nurture”


“Comprehensive Nurture”

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About Us

Shoma Christian Academy is located in Ntinda, on Plot 280 Buye, just 800m from the main Ntinda Junction in Kampala, Uganda. The school was started in February 2015 with a main objective of increasing access to Christian based education using the Accelerated Christian Education Program. The school values the individualized model of learning that emphasizes character building while relaying holistic education with the Lord God at the center of it all.


We support, encourage and ensure that the children develop emotionally, allowing them to discover themselves and their various abilities.

Accelerated Christian Learning

ACE is a self-paced curriculum based on five key principles of learning which are;

A student must be working at a level of curriculum where they can perform.A student must set reasonable goals that they can achieve in a specific period of time.A student must be motivated and managed effectively.A student’s learning must be measureable.A student’s learning must be rewarded.

Life at Shoma Christian Academy